Takishawa is Dead


Psychedelic and difficult platforms


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Takishawa is Dead is a platform game that is great fun since your objective is to manage a hardheaded character through a strange and dangerous world where death awaits your every step while you search for another mysterious character.

And no, it isn't an exaggeration. The world of these small square-headed men is infested with difficult jumps with mortal falls and hidden traps waiting to end your world. What can you do? Clearing all these trials the best that you can is the only thing to do.

The game has strange and mesmerizing graphics. In general, the characters and scenes are black and white, but the backgrounds are very colorful and having a lot of changing forms, giving the effect of a beautiful sea.

Takishawa is Dead is an entertaining platform game that will keep you hooked for a long time thanks to its awesome graphics and complicated gameplay.
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